2020 Maurer Oszkár 'Tamjanika' Skin Fermented Muscat

2020 Maurer Oszkár 'Tamjanika' Skin Fermented Muscat

100% Tamjanika (Muscat à petit grain). 1 day of skin contact, fermented in open vats, aged in barrels for 10 months

Fruška Gora, Serbia

Tamjanika is a Serbian clone of Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, but has taken on a whole new life here. Planted in the volcanic, limestone and clay of the Remete vineyard, it’s just a mere 200-300 meters from the Danube River. The harvest took place over multiple picks only seeking out the mature bunches. Concentration is key to this wine. Only 700 liters were pulled from 4 thousand vines with an average of 400 gram per vine. So even though this 2020 has just 1 day of skin contact, it looks and reads like a deep amber wine. Fermented in open vats, it's then barreled down for 10 months before being bottled unfiltered with gravity with zero additions. Interestingly, Tamjanika translates to “incense,” whereas we mostly use floral, perfumed or aromatic for its Western European counterparts. Dense and pungent, this is like walking into a smoky room full of ripe Muscat.



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