Tae No Hana 'Sublime Beauty' Sake (720ml)

Tae No Hana 'Sublime Beauty' Sake (720ml)

90% Polish, Organic Yamada Nishiki, 17% ABV, SMV +5. Moriki Brewery, Mie Prefecture.

Rumiko Moriki is the 4th generation of her family to own the brewery, and along with her husband Hideki, they are not only the Kuramoto (owners) of this tiny brewery, they also are the Toji (master brewers). Rumiko’s fame is in being the first female brewer in Japan, and there is even popular series of manga (illustrated novels) written about her life as a brewer.

It's 90% polish which means only 10% of the rice has been removed. This leaves some of the lipids, oils and proteins still on the rice giving the finished sake wild aromas and flavors.

Pours clear and yellow. You'll immediately notice the robust and savory nose featuring mushroom broth, lightly browned butter and fresh hemp.  As you taste it, you'll think someone is grating aged Parmesan into your mouth. Tasty!  Perhaps some agave as well. The richness goes for days.  So savory and wonderful.  Pair this with a really rich steak and rich sauce. 


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