Mii no Kotobuki 'Pastoral Beauty' Hojo Biden Sake (720ml)

Mii no Kotobuki 'Pastoral Beauty' Hojo Biden Sake (720ml)

The Hojo Biden Yamahai Junmai is a unique expression from a great Kyushu brewery, a bold sake designed to match the rich flavors.

Brewed a touch sweeter than a common sake, the off dry flavor is balanced by a stronger alcohol presence of 16-17% and higher than average acid from the yamahai brewing process. The labor intensive and time consuming yamahai process also contributes a distinctive creaminess that leaps out.

Nose of honey, almonds and vanilla, and the sweetness and acid give it a depth and body to stand up to rich cuisine like grilled mackerel, miso marinated pork loin or spicy hot pot


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