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2021 Stagiaire 'Sprinkles on Top' Red

2021 Stagiaire 'Sprinkles on Top' Red

Made the same way as the 2020 version, but pushing the macerations since there was no fear of smoke. All of the Chardonnay from my Summit Santa Cruz Mountains vineyard and some Pinot Noir were whole cluster with Pinot Noir juice on top. Left to infuse for 4 weeks[sidebar: I’ve been doing this wholecluster with direct pressed juice method since my first vintage in 2018 and since then others have discussed it with me
and then done it for their own wines but attribute it to Daniel Sage but nobody has ever tried those wines in the US, so honestly its probably better marketing to just say it was  inspired by Stagiaire] Unfortunately this site really struggled with the drought and
the ferments were very very sluggish. The wines are really taught but with a slight touch of volatility that apparently nobody but me minds. We will just say that it has “soaring aromatics” or something like that. In puncheons for 11 months. It's honestly like really tart watermelon jolly ranchers. What the kids these days are calling ‘juice’. Stylistically in that Octavin/Valseuse realm(but better). Crunchy candy shell with a chewy interior

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