2021 Dorsal Wines 'Krill' Red/White Blend

2021 Dorsal Wines 'Krill' Red/White Blend

70% Primitivo & 30% Sauvignon Blanc.

This is Devin Myers first vintage making wine under the Dorsal label. He spent time with many amazing winemakers all over the globe like Sam Vinciullo, Jordy Kay, Alex Craighead, Nic Coturri and Caleb Liesure. Devin farmed almost all of the fruit for this vintage himself, co farming a 40 year old organic dry-farm never once tilled parcel with Diego of Zumo Wines and Dani Rozman of La Onda. 

There are no inputs whatsoever, no fining filtration or any additions. Sometimes fermented and aged in Queveri though most often stainless tanks. 

Exuberant Peach Strawberry, ions, volcanic, tropically herbal, to be served chilled. 

112 cases produced


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