2019 Martvilis Marani 'Full Skin No Stems' Ojaleshi

2019 Martvilis Marani 'Full Skin No Stems' Ojaleshi

Martvilis Marani was formerly working under the name Vino M’artville, but for the 2019, decided to honor their heritage with a more traditional Georgian name. They winery was founded in 2012 with .5 hectare of vines, producing under 3000 bottles. They’ve grown to farming 4 hectares around the cellar in the western Georgian Samegrolo region with some fruit sourced from friends and like minded growers in Imereti, Lechkhumi and Kakheti. They now produce over 11,000 bottles and work with 10 different grape varieties including ojaleshi, orbeluri, tsolikouri, krakhuna, aladasturi, tsitska and kakhuri mtsvane, among others.

All farming is organic with no intervention in the winemaking process

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