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AMA 'BAT' Pet-Nat Tea

AMA 'BAT' Pet-Nat Tea

Bat is made with Yabukita variety sencha from the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan
and water from the pristine Alzola spring in the Izarraitz Massif in the Basque Country of northern Spain. Masterfully produced by Moriuchi-san, one of Japan’s most lauded tea masters, this delicate green tea is organically farmed on steep terraces before being hand-picked at the perfect moment, hand-rolled, and dried. The Moriuchi Tea Garden was planted during the Edo period and is the life’s work of the Moriuchi family, whose knowledge has been passed down generation by generation. The steep gardens use organic farming methods to produce the finest, hand-picked sencha.

Due to the thin leaves of this high-quality sencha, it sees only a light steam at the Ama Breweryto begin its transformation into kombucha. The tea is then sweetened and inoculated with a small amount of the previous kombucha, preparing it for the addition of the SCOBY. Once the SCOBY has been added, it is fermented for between one and three weeks. This fermentation is gently temperature-controlled to naturally discourage the production of alcohol. When it reaches the perfect balance of partial fermentation, the tea is bottled, moving it into its final phase of transformation.

As with traditional pétillant naturel, the bottle is the perfect environment to finish its fermentation, turning remaining sugar into natural carbonation, that the aging process, in turn, develops into fine bubbles. While it does not ferment entirely dry, this bottle-conditioning produces a gastronomic beverage that is drier and lower acidity than traditional kombuchas with a Champagne-like texture ideal for food pairing.
AMA’s Bat is bottle-aged for at least six months at the brewery before being released into the market, with the ability to improve and evolve further in bottle for up to three years longer. The longer it ages, the smaller and more refined the bubble. Each fermentation batch produces approximately 280 bottles. Due to the finite nature of the
origin-specific teas used and the unique aging process, production of each AMA cuvée is necessarily limited each year.

Flavor Profile
Aromas of citrus, delicate herbs, minerality, salinity, and umami with notes of seaweed appear in the mouth, with a very elegant silky texture and integrated tannins. A complex and harmonious drink reminiscent of a delicate sake. Silky on the
palate and bone dry with very fine bubbles and a long, dry finish.

Serve in white wine glasses at traditional Champagne temperatures. Pairs beautifully with fatty fish, oysters, clams, and other shellfish. Handle and open carefully to preserve the bubbles. The miniscule AMA SCOBY present in each bottle can be
served or removed.

BAT contains 2.7% ALC


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