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Rutte Celery Gin

Rutte Celery Gin

Rutte celery gin is distilled from botanicals including; natural celery juniper coriander angelica orange peel and cardamom.

43% abv the essential gin to use in a red snapper cocktail the gin’s celery notes are accentuated when mixed with fresh celery and tomato juice. Tasting notes nose soft and rounded with a big hit of rich and savoury celery. The spice and earthiness in the gin come to the fore with coriander angelica and orris surrounded by delicate and sweet citrus. Palate the celery is well-integrated on the palate mingling with the coriander to provide a rich and softly spicy centre. Citrus oil and sappy juniper provide a contrasting sharpness. Finish a balanced mix of citrus and spice with meaty celery notes lingering after the rest has faded. Comment a softly spicy gin that keeps the savoury umami of celery at its core without it overshadowing the other botanicals.

Great with tonic, in a gimlet, martini or in a red snapper 


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