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Purely Sedona Sparkling Water (500ml)

Purely Sedona Sparkling Water (500ml)

Every drop of water in a Purely Sedona bottle is sourced from a registered and protected spring in the Oak Creek Canyon of Sedona, Arizona. The natural filtration process that produces the artesian water eliminates contaminants while retaining key minerals that deliver better flavor and nutritional benefits.

Oak Creek Canyon water also has a natural pH of 8, making it naturally less acidic than other spring water. That perfect balance allows the water to help detoxify the body, while supporting optimum health and vitality. Natural electrolytes and zero sodium make our spring one of the premier springs in the Southwest.

While Mother Nature has done the hard work, Purely Sedona adds the final touches by applying a proprietary filtration and ozonation process. From the time the water reaches them to the moment the cap is sealed, each bottle of Purely Sedona water is handled with the same respect bestowed upon the ground from which it was sourced.


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