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Cellador Chenille 'Buddha's Hand' Farmhouse Ale (Can)

Cellador Chenille 'Buddha's Hand' Farmhouse Ale (Can)

Crisp and super dry with lots of fruity and funky flavors. This is an exciting new take  made with Buddha’s Hand Citron and dry hopped with New Zealand Wai-iti hops. Buddha’s Hand has incredibly unique flavors which is sort of like a lemon, but much softer and with a ton of perfume and a hint of vanilla.

This beer is delicious! It has a mellow acidity and is extremely dry with just a hint of bitterness and very bubbly tight carbonation, which all lends a perfect backdrop for the adjuncts. We pick up lots of fun flavors including pine, hop resin, lemon drop candy, cardamom, aloe, wild flowers, lychee, peppercorn, elderflower, and rose water

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