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Veso 'Eclipse' Alpine

Veso 'Eclipse' Alpine

Eclipse is an experimental line of aperitifs, from Veso. Like the solar eclipse, these don't come around often and won't last long.

We were inspired by the versatility and complexity of London dry gin. We wanted to create a similarly complex, yet delicate, aperitif with new flavors to discover on every sip.

Juniper and it’s characteristic “piney-ness” play a starring role throughout, with a supporting cast of fennel and coriander, soaring notes of citrus, and a hint of pepper that lingers long after the applause. Without the high-alcohol content of a spirit, this aperitif really lets the delicate flavors shine through.

Alpine aperitif is great chilled on its own or over ice. Try it with sparkling water (or tonic) and a lime wedge for an elevated G&T spritz! You can also use it in place of gin in any cocktail for a lighter, subtler cocktail, or in place of bianco vermouth for a more herbal, less bitter cocktail.

18% ABV, 750mL


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